A privately owned, publicly accessible space, open for the public to enjoy.

About the Plaza

The True North Square plaza is a privately owned, publicly accessible space. Sometimes referred to as POPS (Privately Owned Public Space), these spaces are open for the public to enjoy but remain privately operated and maintained and exist throughout many other major North American cities.

Most days, the plaza is open and accessible to the public. Occasionally, the plaza will host third party or community events that may restrict access. For example, licensed events would require a fenced-off area.

Guidelines to determine the type and frequency of events in the plaza are currently under development.

Security in the plaza is managed by True North Square property manager, BGO, along with Paladin Security. These teams work in close collaboration with True North Sports + Entertainment, the Downtown BIZ, and other downtown security stakeholders to ensure consistency and safety for tenants, residents, and members of the public at all times.

For inquiries related to holding events in the plaza, please e-mail [email protected].